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07. Dec 2021
Currently 9715 different stamps, 84 FDCs and 97 leafs in the database.
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21. Dec 2008
After almost 5 months I have finally found some time to write another entry into this news section:
First of all, let me wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2009!
I plan to continue with my PhD studies in Bratislava as an external student. My first exams will take place in January 2009. If everything goes well I hope to graduate in or before 2014, the latest deadline would be 2015.
Regarding stamps, I received and collected about some hundreds, but I did not have enough time to scan and upload them. It is in my interest to work on this page and fulfill all of my plans (I will add a list later on (: ).
26. Jul 2008
Good news everyone. :) I have 3 new contributors and plan to add their stamps before end of August. Meanwhile, I am adding stamps from Sweedie that I have scanned in the last months. I already possess over 10,000 different stamps and consider 15,000 to be my new benchmark.
Due to the fact that I work 24/7 I am not able to fully devote my time to this webpage. If there is someone outside who wants to help me, do not hesitate to contact me.
05. May 2008
Hello everyone. After approximately 3 weeks I managed to enter new stamps into my database. There was a lot of work to do in the meantime and I coud not solely focus on this webpage. I have one new contributor whose stamps I will upload in the following days, there are still more than 1,000 stamps in queue.
One more thing to write about: When I finish uploading the stamps I have in my queue I will add search criteria and start creating own pages for several stamps. I am still on the search for some voluntary helpers and contributors.
16. Apr 2008
I decided to redesign the news page and create one gif picture instead of posting 10 separate jpg screenshots of our myminicity :)
MyMiniCity Portalis 2008
14. Apr 2008
Finally, I have scanned another 500 stamps and will start uploading them in the database. Another 1,000 are waiting from me (=> got a gift from Sweedie (:)
17. Mar 2008
I have a new contributor: aura. She contributed approximately 500 stamps and said that in case she will receive any new stamps, she will continue to enrich my collection. Thank you a lot!
13. Mar 2008
All stamps from Miko added. I received new stamps from Darkness, my grandfather, and still have a lot from Sweedie and another contributor to scan and upload.
21. Feb 2008
New contributor: Turkish Embassy in Bratislava
New contributor information: Ashoka Organisation - I receive a reprinted article from the Time Magazine of Sept. 10th 2007. Find more about the non-profit organisation Ashoka HERE.
11. Feb 2008
I added approximately 200 new stamps from Darkness and the Embassy of Morocco. Thanks to everyone for your support.
05. Feb 2008
January 2008 is over and February arrived. I am still scanning stamps and will continue doing this in the upcoming days.
23. Jan 2008
Another 50 stamps scanned and uploaded. So, finally Redyuri's and Bara's contributions are completely online (:. I will continue scanning stamps from Sweedie, Darkness and Miko. There are roughly 2,000 more.
18. Jan 2007
7,000th stamp added. I have approximately 1,000 to go until I finish scanning them. What do you think? Will a break the 10,000 number before the end of 2008? (:
17. Jan 2008
You can see the number of inhabitants of Portalis under the menu (as well as actual revenues of Portalis).
15. Jan 2008
Search options for years/values/currencies will be available soon.
14. Jan 2008
My first message in 2008. I have scanned another approximately 300 stamps and will soon upload them. Another 2,000 are waiting :-)
I have now created a small city/town in Slovakia called Portalis (according to my nickname Portal). If you want to support me, click each day on the following link:
Thank you all in advance.
MyMiniCity Portalis 2008
24. Dec 2007
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2008!
Merry Christmas 2007
11. Dec 2007
Kangaroo stamp 2008 In October 2007, the Kangaroo organizers had a meeting in Graz, Austria. For this special occasion a stamp has been produced showing the Grazer Schloßberg Clock Tower and the symbol of the Contest - a Kangaroo.
The stamp itself has a value of € 0.55 and can be used as a normal poststamp in Austria.
29. Nov 2007
6,000th stamp added. I have approximately 1,500 to go until I finish scanning them.
Unfortunately, I have been busy due to some work on other projects (Kangaroo of Mathematics 2008) and could not continue working on this webpage. Nevertheless, I appreciate all help from outside.
25. Oct 2007
I have scanned some new stamps and finished adding topics (next step will be to add subtopics and so on). Besides, the Embassy of Peru suggested creating a page with links to all postal services. I consider this to be a good idea and created THIS LIST. Please, if you know of any other links, send them to me.
01. Oct 2007
Today I read an interesting quote in Benjamin Graham's book "The Intelligent Investor", just wanted to share it with all of you:
Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.
Maybe I will create a section with quotes I like anyway, but there is still so much work to do. Besides, I received new albums for my 23rd brithday (: There will be enough to scan in the upcoming months.
26. Sep 2007
Some weeks ago, I received a nice picture of a coined letter. Wonder if it was delivered or not. I hope that you will enjoy this picture as much as I did (:

coined letter
21. Sep 2007
Hello again! Last week, my girlfriend and me spent a nice time in Prague and Brussels. I did not buy any stamps but collected some photos that I would like to use for my website as accompanying pictures to stamps.
18. Sep 2007
I would like to express my deepest gratitude to everyone who helped me with this homepage, to every contributor you can find HERE. Please, be aware that I treat all stamps with the respect they deserve.
30. Aug 2007
If you find a stamp where the year is missing, or a stamp scanned twice, please contact me via email (please, specify the stamp_id number to faciliate my search). I will in turn try to correct it. By the way, I have already set about 26.57% of all stamps in relation, added year of issue to 32.30% and a topic to 59.93%.
20. Aug 2007
The menu tree works (:. I have managed to add topic IDs to more than 1,000 stamps recently (represent about 20% of all pictures). I estimate that it will take me another 2-3 weeks to finish the topics and continue adding information (year, value, ...) about certain stamps. Nevertheless, I will continue working on my page. Besides, I will create one page for each stamp, would like to start with 10 pages per day (1.5 years in total). So, what will come first? Children, or a finished webpage (:
Oh yes, I will receive a banner for the top of this page from a friend of mine (designed in flash). His work can be read (in Slovak) at - notebook reviews. Therefore I changed the version number from 1.x to 2.0.
11. Aug 2007
A new menu tree for topics has been implemented. I hope to continue with grouping several stamp series together. Next steps will be: create a connection to Wikipedia for information about countries. Afterwards I would like to create a page for every stamp I have. This will take years... or? (: Maybe some volunteers will appear. And of course, language versions will be online this year, too.
10. Aug 2007
Little design for my signature at Skyscrapercity
my SC signature
03. Aug 2007
Still working on this page (a final version does not in fact exist). Nevertheless, thanks to Sweedie and Woo I reached the 5,000 limit and hope to have more than 6,000 by the end of 2007.
19. Jul 2007
OK (: So... After 1 year I collected some 1000+ new stamps and have finally received my master degree in economics at Vienna's University of Economics and Business Administration. A friend of mine will help me to add some flash elements to this page (banner, stamps overview).
17. May 2007
Hallo everybody!
I got into a time lag because of all the work I had to do. Nevertheless, I hope that the country section works properly. If you switch to another language, a script should automatically look for the corresponding Wikipedia page. In case there is no infobox, it will jump back to the English version.
By the way, I received over 700 stamps from Sweedie. Sooner or later the 10,000 mark total or 5,000 mark different will fall (:
14. Apr 2007
New country: Indonesia, it is the 109th country in my collection.
Currency signs for EUR (), GBP (£), JPY (¥) and USD ($) added.
13. Apr 2007
Friday the 13th! (:
Ok, 4,000+ stamps already available, I do not know when I will have 5,000. I should receive some new contributions in the upcoming weeks, thus slowly approaching this magical number. By the way, I am stil working on the topic and country sections, they WILL be available this month!
15. Mar 2007
Ok ladies and gentlemen, next step is done. I have added a forum where I hope you will discuss topics related to stamps, albums, and philatelic stuff.
By now, after 6 months (:, there have been some people mentioning my page without receiving its address from me. Honestly, I felt happy about it. Next steps are to scan another 100-200 stamps I have (breach the 4,000-hurdle) and continue working on my master thesis...
27. Feb 2007
Contributors updated, now you can see a photo in case that the contributor had provided me with one.
I hope to be able to work on this webpage continuously. In the meantime, I welcome every support you can provide me with (in case you want to help).
15. Feb 2007
Stamps from France, New Zealand, Singapore and Japan added. I colleted them while being in France, but did not have an opportunity to upload them until today.
05. Jan 2007
Country list added. Pages about stamps updated. PS: Happy new year!
Next steps will be: scanning of over 300 new stamps I have bought / collected / received. Additionally, topics will be launched.
24. Dec 2006
Back in the Slovak Republic! I wish you all merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2007!
Besides, I got the Top of the World on Stamps series 1/3 and 2/3. I will try to scan them as soon as possible.
26. Oct 2006
Greetings from Bordeaux Business School, France, where I'm staying until december 2006. I'm continuing to increase my collection, unfortunately there weren't many possibilities to get on the Internet so far. I should update the page in the following week.
15. Oct 2006
From today on, my webpage dedicated to philately collections is Valid HTML 4.01 Transitional. I will try to put her into search engines soon.
29. Sep 2006
Today, after celebrating my birthday, I decided to finally start working on the webpage again. Several parts about different topics will follow. Please, feel free to give me any feedback.
23. Aug 2006
Stamps information added.
18. Aug 2006
About the contributor added. I hope to add "about stamps" in the upcoming week as well as more languages (slovak, german, french, ???).
Stamps will have their initial value listed as well as the year of issue and other information. I hope that as many people and institutions as possible will join this project and help me create a great album.
17. Aug 2006
Contributors added. FDCs added. Leafs added. Random stamps added.
13. Aug 2006
Pictures of the stamps are online and clickable. Menu & stamps information to follow in August. In addition, I hope to be able to add philatelic information as soon as possible.
05. Jul 2006
Finally, after 2.5 years of waiting I'm going to create my web page about stamps.